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The College of Chemistry
2016-01-07 16:14  

The college of Chemistryis one of the earliest founded institutesat Chongqing Normal University. It has more than 50 years history and was upgraded from Department of Chemistry to College of Chemistry in June, 2004.  

The College of Chemistry at Chongqing Normal University iscurrently comprised of threeundergraduate programs:Chemical Material, Science Education, and Chemistry Education. For graduate education, there are 4 masters programs: Nano-Physics and chemistry, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Photoelectric Material Chemistry, and Curriculum and Teaching Methodology which covers Science Education and Chemistry. The college currently has more than 1000 full-time undergraduate students and 60 master degree candidates.  

At present, there are 48 staff (10 professors and 18 associate professors) in the college, including one professor with a Ph.D. degree from University of Colorado, Boulder, USA, and senior scholars from University of NorthCarolina, USA, Tohoku University, Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Tsinghua University, Peking University, University of Science and Technology of China, Nanjing University and Beijing Institute of Technology. Among them, several faculty members have received various national awards and Chongqing awards for their achievements in research and education.  

In the college, there is a chemical experimental center which covers more than 7500 square meters, and many experimental facilities including NMR, ICP, XRD, FIR, Electrochemical workstation, Atomic layer deposition equipment, etc. Besides, in the college there is one key laboratory, Key Lab of Green Synthesis and Applications. Since 2006, the collegehas undertaken more than 60 research programs, which are funded from National Natural Science Foundation of China, Education Department of Chinaand Science foundation of Chongqing. The collegehas published more than 200 SCI papers quoted by approximately 1600 times.  



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