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College of Chemistry
2018-10-15 16:14  


With over 60 years’ history, the College of Chemistry is one of the earliest departments of Chongqing Normal University. It was formerly the Department of Chemistry and renamed the College of Chemistry in June 2004. Currently, the College offers 3 full-time undergraduate programs (i.e. Chemistry (teacher-training), Materials Chemistry and High Polymer Material, and Engineering), 3 academic master programs (i.e. Nanoscale Physics and Chemistry, Chemicobiology, and Photoelectric Material Chemistry), and 2 special master programs (i.e. Chemical Education and Chemical Engineering).


The College of Chemistry has established a high-quality and well-structured teaching and scientific research team. Presently it has 55 staff members, including 14 professors, 26 associate professors, 32 teachers holding doctoral degree, 2 doctoral supervisors and 15 master supervisors.Among the staff members, there are members included in the “Hundred Talent Program” of Chinese Academy of Sciences, national outstanding teachers, members of the Steering Committee under the Ministry of Education, municipal outstanding teachers, municipal outstanding CPC members, municipal model teachers, teachers included in the leading technology talent cultivation program, teachers sponsored by the municipal outstanding talent support program and members with other honors. Many teachers have ever studied in renowned foreign universities, such as Tohoku University, University of North Carolina, University of Colorado at Boulder, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Texas at Austin, Institut national de la recherche scientifique, Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Nanyang Technological University, King Abdullah University of Science & Technology.


The College has established one key discipline – Chemistry listed in the 13th Five-year Plan of Chongqing. It has 7 provincial and ministerial scientific research platforms, including the active substance and biotechnology engineering research center jointly constructed by the Ministry of Education and the Municipality, the municipal key green synthesis and application laboratory, the key functional inorganic material laboratory, and the international cooperation, research and development center for plate-type SCR denitration and inactivation catalyst cleaning and regeneration technology. It also has an over 7,500 ㎡ laboratory building, in which complete experimental installations – up to 4,200 sets and worth up to 15 million yuan - are provided, mainly including NMR, ICP, XRD, FIR, electrochemical workstation, and etc.


Throughout the years, the College has been dedicated to basic application research and conversion of scientific and technological achievements, having made outstanding achievements. In recent 5 years, it has undertaken more than 60 scientific research projects of provincial and ministerial level, including 14 projects sponsored by the National Science Foundation of China. It has also published 98 SCI articles in international journals such as Coord. Chem. Rev., Green Chem., and Sensor Actuat. B-Chem., in which over 40 articles have the influential factor of above 3.0. Besides, it has three projects winning the Natural Science Award and 4 approved invention patents. The College attaches great importance to industry-university-research cooperation. It has established partnerships with multiple enterprises such as Chengdu Pharmesis Co., Ltd., Southwest Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Chongqing Tianyuan Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd., Chongqing Mingzhu Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd., Chongqing Environment & Sanitation Group Co., Ltd., while working actively to push forward conversion of achievements and to make practical contribution to the local economy.


The College has been persisting in comprehensive reform of education and teaching, and taking the initiative to explore innovative talent cultivation programs. In recent years, the College has received approval of 1 university innovation team of municipal level for advanced chemical green synthesis and application and 2 teaching teams of university level; it has undertaken 19 teaching and scientific research projects, including 7 projects of municipal level (1 major project); it has won a third prize for national outstanding achievements in education and scientific research, a first prize for outstanding education and scientific research achievements of universities in Chongqing, and 28 awards for teaching and scientific research achievements of university level; it has published 110 articles on teaching reform, having authorship of 1 textbook and co-authorship of 2 textbooks. The College has 1 municipal pilot area for innovation in talent cultivation mode, 1 university-level chemical experiment teaching and demonstration center, 1 off-campus education practice base for college students, 1 fine education resource sharing course offered by teachers of national level, 1 municipal dual-language model course, and 4 university-level fine courses. Based on the undergraduate-supervisor system, the College has established a students’ experiment and scientific research team, and an innovation and entrepreneurship team. In recent three years, students from the College has won 21 awards in various competitions and contests (including 14 awards of national level), published 48 academic articles (including 25 SCI articles), registered 2 invention patents, had 3 projects established and included in the national innovative training program for college students and 2 projects established of municipal level.


Students of the College have been persisting in “two drives”, i.e. “the Party drives league construction” and “Party construction drives student-related work”, forming a new pattern of student-related work with special characteristics based on the practical conditions of the College. Party member commitment system and “1+1” Party member activity have become brand activities of the College, which have ever been reported by such media as the People’s Daily and China Education Journal. The College has been persisting in cultivation and instructions based on classification. It takes “outstanding teachers class”, “technology-oriented talent class”, “intensive class for students preparing to apply for master programs” as the core, gives full play to the radiant influence of students preparing to apply for master programs, organizes teaching skills contests and practice activities to consolidate students’ academic foundation and improve their learning atmosphere. In recent years, the College has had both employment rate and master candidate admission rate rank among the top in the university. Furthermore, the College carries out scientific and technological practices relying on its advantageous specialties, having made great achievements. Extracurricular science popularization projects of students from the College have ever been reported by CCTV, Xinhua net and other media.    









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