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College of Computer and Information Science
2018-10-16 09:58  

Cultivation of computer-related talents in the College dates back to the 1980s. The College started cultivation of junior college students in 1987, undergraduates in 1993 and master candidates in 2004. In January 2010, the School of Computer and Information Science was established through integration and adjustment for adaptation to the developing information industry. In 2016, the School was formally approved for overall transformation into a comprehensive pilot college for cultivating high-level application-oriented masters and bachelors.


The College has established a municipal key discipline - computer science and technology, which is included in the 13th Five-year Plan. It has ChongqingDigital Agriculture Service Engineering Technology Research Center, a group of specialties relating to computer software and information services, Chongqing innovation and entrepreneur teams in software engineering and digital agricultural technology and services, Chongqing H + mass innovation space, and Chongqing computer laboratory teaching demonstration center. With 2 general disciplines, the School has the authorization to confer master’s degree in five academic specialties (i.e. Computer Architecture, Computer Software and Theory, Computer Application Technology, Software Engineering and Educational Technology) and in 4 professional specialties (i.e. Computer Technology, Agricultural Engineering and Information Technology, Modern Educational Technology, and Vocational and Technical Education), and has 4 undergraduate programs (i.e. Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, E-commerce and Information Management and Information System). Presently the College has 1,570 in-school undergraduates and 168 master candidates with 72 faculty members, including 11 professors, 29 associate professors, 21 members holding doctor’s degree and 23 master supervisors.


Following the schooling philosophy of “being oriented by demand, taking quality as the core, promoting development based on characteristics”, the College has formed a talent cultivation system integrating staged secondary-to-undergraduate education, join-up of higher vocational education and undergraduate education, combination of on-campus specialized education and outstanding off-campus training, international development of professional quality education, in realization of a “three fusions” (namely fusion of industry and education through enterprise-university cooperation, fusion of learning and teaching through resources sharing, fusion of innovation and teaching through interactions between teachers and students) mode for cultivating application-oriented technical and skilled talents. Currently, the College has a joint specialty of Software Engineering (Service Outsourcing) with Ambow Education Group, a “1+2+1” joint talent training program with Ball State University, “outstanding engineer” training programs with HP HPE Chongqing Company and Deloitte & Touche, a “3+4” staged talent training program with Chongqing Yuzhong Vocational Training Center, a “3+2” staged talent training program with Chongqing Vocational Institute of Engineering and so on. It also has established a long-term mechanism for domestic and foreign academic visits and for enterprise-university joint construction of field study bases. It has sent 11 teachers to domestic and foreign universities, including University of California, University of Pittsburgh and York University, for academic visits and cooperation investigation. Besides, it has also established laboratories and talent training bases with enterprises such as Zhongli Insurance Sales Co., Ltd., Huasan (H3C) Communications Technology Co., Ltd., and Zhejiang Yushi Science & Technology (Uniview) Co., Ltd., as well as stable off-campus field study bases with enterprises such as HP HPE, Pegatron (Chongqing), Foxconn (Chongqing), AsiaInfo Technology, Yonyou Software, Chongqing Ditrust Science and Technology, and Yuzhong District Electronic Commerce Industrial Park.  



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