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The College of Computer and Information Science
2016-01-07 16:13  

Talent cultivation of computer and information science of Chongqing Normal University (hereafter as “CNU”) can be traced back to the 1980s, when its enrollment of three-year computer majors began in 1987. Henceforth, CNU has begun to enroll full-time undergraduates of Computer since 1993, Information Management and System since 1998, E-business since 2002 and Software Engineering since 2010. It acquired master’s degree granting rights for Software and Theory subordinate discipline in 2003, Computer Science and Technology first-class discipline in 2010, and Software Engineering first-class discipline in 2011.

Aiming to adapt to the development of information industry, to serve local economic construction and optimize the disciplinary structure, CNU established the College of Computer and Information Science (hereafter “CCIS”) in January 2010, via a resource integration and adjustment among the related specialties from the original colleges of Mathematics and Computer, Physics and Information Technology, and Economics and Management.

With over 20 years’ talent cultivation and discipline construction, CCIS has developed into a comprehensive college cultivating high-level application-oriented undergraduate and postgraduate students whose specialties cover four disciplines: engineering, science, education and management. It enjoys such titles as a member of Normal Education Branch of Computer Education Research Association of Chinese Universities, a standing member of Chongqing Computer Association, a member of Chongqing Artificial Intelligence and Computer Users Association.

Presently, CCIS has a municipal-level key discipline of Computer Science and Technology, two first-class disciplines of Computer Science and Software Engineering for master’s degree, a subordinate discipline of Education Technology for master’s degree, three professional master’s degree programs, i.e. Computer Technology, Agriculture Informatization and Modern Education Technology respectively in the fields of engineering, agriculture promotion and education, two incumbent master’s degree programs of Software and Theory, and Education Technology. It has six specialties for full-time undergraduates: Computer Science and Technology, Computer Science and Technology (pedagogical), Software Engineering, E-business, Applied E-business, and Information Management and System. The number of postgraduates at school amounts to 110, and undergraduates over 1600.

CCIS has a faculty of 67, including 7 professors, 25 associate-professors, 17 with doctorate degrees, 20 postgraduate tutors, and one expert member of the Guiding Branch Committee of University Teaching for Computer Science and Information affiliated to the Ministry of Education, one candidate of leaders for Chongqing Academy and Technology, and seven excellent young teachers of universities in Chongqing. Since the “Eleventh Five-Year-Plan”, CCIS has undertaken 130 various scientific research projects at all levels, among which 12 are national, over 70 are provincial and ministerial, with over 700 academic theses, more than 150 collected in SCI, EI, ISTP; 17 textbooks and treatises have been compiled or co-complied; 16 national patents of invention and novel patents of application have been obtained; 22 scientific research achievements have been awarded.

CCIS focuses on talent cultivation, quality education, educational reformation and specialty construction. Presently, it has 8 top-quality courses at the university level such as Fundamentals of Compiling, Computer Network, Data Structure, Outline of E-business, System of Management and Information, Fundamentals of Computer, Design and Application of Embedded System, Theory and Practice of E-business, 2 bilingual courses at the university level including Case Analysis of E-business and NET Programming, a teaching team of E-business, an innovative talent cultivation mode experiment area of embedded software for industrial need. In the past five years, it has undertaken 10 teaching reform and researching projects at municipal level, and 11 at the university level.

In accordance with practicality of its IT specialty and close combination with the market, CCIS strengthens practice teaching and develops various specialized contests, academic forums and campus activities to enhance the students’ innovative and socially adaptable capacity for the need of market and talent cultivation required by the rapid development of national information industry and the structural adjustment of industries in Chongqing. It also endeavors to improve the students’ capacity of technological innovation and social practice, cultivate qualified, initiative, specialized talents related to information industry and adapted to the development of social economy via various forms to promote international academic communication and cooperation such as hosting international conferences, cooperative education mode, and establishing joint practice bases with celebrated IT companies. And so far, CCIS has established extensive communication and cooperation with domestic and overseas celebrated IT companies such as HP, FOXCONN, XUSHUO, H3C, ANBO, CS, NTT DATA, YONGYOU SOFTWARE,DICHUAN TECHNOLOGY, developing joint talent cultivation, setting up practice base, and providing more practice and job opportunities for the students.  

Based on the principle of running a college “established by educational quality, strengthened by disciplinary construction, prospered by characteristic development”, CCIS constantly makes adjustment of disciplinary directions, produces disciplinary features, setsup platform for scientific research and highlights specialty characteristics. It persists in enhancing educational quality, and endeavors to leap forward by initiatively serving and being integrated into the development of local economy and industry, greatly promoting the combination of industry, education and research, and accelerating the innovation of talent cultivation mode.  



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