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College of Marxism
2018-10-16 10:06  

The College of Marxism undertakes teaching research relating to ideological and political theory courses offered in colleges and schools under Chongqing Normal University, as well as cultivation of undergraduates and postgraduates inthe ideological and political education program of the College. Currently in the College, there are totally 63 staff members, 761 undergraduates and 184 postgraduates. Among the teaching staff, there are 21 professors (including 8 part-time professors), 26 associate professors, 3 doctoral supervisors, 1 postdoctoral supervisor, and 29 teachers with Ph. D degree. Besides, it also has experts receiving special government allowance from the State Council, academic and technical leaders honored by Chongqing Government, experts listed among the first members subject to the “Five Batches” initiative (a measure proposed by President Xi Jinping at a high-level forum on poverty alleviation and development), members of Chongqing’s social science expert pool, young and middle-aged backbone teachers, counting 14 person times.


The College has its Marxism Theory program established as a key discipline in Chongqing during the 13th Five-year Plan period. Besides, it is also home to the key humanities research base of Chongqing - Civil Moral and Social Construction Research Center, as well as to Chongqing Civilization Construction Survey and Assessment Center, Chongqing Ideological and Political Education Teachers Training Bas and Chongqing Microenterprise Training Base.


While deepening education and teaching reform and improving the overall quality of its teaching staffin recent years, the College has won many honors, including the title of an exemplary team for teaching and scientific research awarded by the Ministry of Education, an outstanding case for construction of ideological and political theory courses, “Excellent Class”, a model team for education and scientific research in Chongqing, “Studio of Reputed Lecturers” for ideological and political theory courses in higher education institutes, winner of the second prize for national teaching achievements, the title of a teaching example awarded by the Ministry of Education for ideological and political theory courses, inclusion in the short video of modern teachers’ elegant demeanor, having multiple staff members winning first and second prizes in municipal mathematical competitions, staff members being awarded the title of model teachers for professional ethics for 26 person times, having top teacher candidates and teachers most popular with graduates, and so on.


The College has made remarkable achievements in talent cultivation. In 2011, its ideological and political education program ranked first in the competitiveness evaluation of the program in six colleges and universities in Chongqing; in 2013, the program ranked first again in the evaluation of art programs for undergraduates in the University. On top of those above, the College also has national advanced classes, a top 10 May Fourth Red Flag Youth League Branch, municipal outstanding classes and over 30 municipal civilized dorms; it has won the title of advanced team for “Bringing Culture, Technology and Health Knowledge to Countryside” for many consecutive years. In recent three years, the Collage has been consecutively titled as an “Advanced Unit for Employment”, with top registration rate, pass rate and admission rate for master’s programs in CNU.  


While promoting domestic and international exchanges, the College has sent 6 teachers to America and South Korea for academic visits, investigation and exchange in recent years. It has also developed academic exchanges with other domestic colleges and universities.  



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