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The College of Politics(Marxism)
2016-01-07 16:05  

The College of Politics(Marxism) offers all course of public political theory for the graduates and undergraduates of the whole university, and is responsible for the teaching and research for the graduates and undergraduates in this college.  

There are 58 staff members in the college at present, 732 undergraduate students, 136 full-time graduate students, and 76in-service graduate students.  Full-time teachers are well-qualified with 1 doctoral supervisor, 11 professors, 20 associate professors, 22 master tutors, 12 part-time professors, 19 teachers are with PhD degrees (including PhD candidate), one of the Academic Leaders in Chongqing in the Second Selection phase, 1 Chongqing information and Culture sectors “A Group of Five” talent, 1 Chongqing Social Sciences expert panel member, and 4 Social Science and Popular Science experts. There are 4 gainers of the Field Virtue Pacesetter and 7 winners of the most popular teacher among the graduates.  

The college has complete disciplines, several discipline platform with two First-level master disciplines, Marxist Theory (including six Secondary-level disciplines: Basic Principles of Marxism, Development History of Marxist, Study of Marxism in China, Study of Marxism Abroad, Ideological and Political Education, and Study of The Basic Problems of Chinese Modern History) and Philosophy (including four Secondary-level disciplines: Philosophy of Marxism, Ethics, Chinese Philosophy, Foreign Philosophy). ItsMarxist Theory is the key municipal construction disciplines, and with one key municipal construction base of the  humanities and social sciences : Moral and Social Development Research Center, one municipal research platform: Investigation and Evaluation Center to Create a Civilization of Chongqing, two municipal training bases: Micro Enterprise Training Base in Chongqing and Teacher Training Base of Ideological and Political Theory Discipline in Chongqing, and one university research centre:Community Construction and Development Research Center.  

The college has made great achievements in teaching research. Since 2002, the teachers have published 665 academic papers, including approximate 160 in core journals. It has hosted and participated in 11 national level research projects, nearly 80 provincial level research projects. Teachers in the college have been awarded 10 provincial scientific research prizes. It has compiled or written 32 teaching materials and monographs. It has 2 courses included in the national Excellent Lesson, 3 teachers are selected in the municipal Excellent Lesson, 10 people are awarded the provincial and municipal level prizes , including 2 first prizes, 5 second prizes, 3 third prizes. It has been awarded the excellent organization in Chongqing twice.

The college has been adhering to the ideas of running school Teaching as the Center, the Discipline Construction as the key, Based on Undergraduate Education and Graduate Education Platform for Growth, and Cultivating the Interdisciplinary Talents with the Goal of Wide Caliber, Thick Foundation, High Quality, Strong Skills, and the college has been continuously deepening the reform of education and  teaching,and gradually forming a talent training mode of integrating professional instructors, skills masters, moral supervisors, and reading tutors of undergraduate  tutorial system of. In recent years, the students have gotten 70 recognition in the city level or higher, of which the 97 Ideological and Political Education Professional class was awarded as the 1998-1999 Annual National Advanced Class by the MOE and  Communist Youth League Central Committee; the General Youth League Branch of the college was rated as National Red Flag Youth League Branch on May 4th by the Communist Youth League Central Committee; The Youth League Branch of Dengsan Association Affiliated to the college won the Top Ten Red Flag Youth League Branch on May 4th in Chongqing; Li Lu majoring in the Ideological and Political Education in 2009 class was shortlisted as nominees of the Top Ten People Moving China in 2009, in the same year, she was selected as Top Ten People Moving Chongqing in 2009, and Chinese Top Ten Filial Son Candidate. Students published more than 200 academic papers, of which more than 30 were undergraduate papers (including 5 core journals and another 2 article reprinted by the copying data of the Renmin University of China).  



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