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The College of Liberal Arts
2016-01-07 16:01  

The College of Liberal arts is one of the earliest departments founded by Chongqing Normal University. Its earliest name was the Department of Chinese in 1954, and it was renamed into the College of Literature and Journalism in 2004, and then it was renamed as the College of Liberal Arts in 2009. Now it has been one of the strongest academiccolleges in the university. The College of Liberal Arts has the staff of 83 people, among whomthere are 24 professors, 26 associate professors, 39 with doctoral degrees, 4 part-time doctoral supervisors from Sichuan University, Macau University, and Shaanxi Normal University, and 41 master's supervisors.  

The College has one national characteristic construction specialty of "Chinese Language and Literature", three key disciplines of Chongqing City (in the period of" the Eleventh Five-year Plans"), four municipal excellent courses, one key research base of municipal humanities & social sciences, one municipal graduate student quality course, and two municipal excellent teaching teams. In the period of" the Twelfth Five-year Plans", the first-level discipline of "Chinese Language and Literature" has been rated as the key municipal discipline of Chongqing City, which is also one of the three authorized disciplines set up by the university in the period of applying for PhD authorization.

The College has set up four full-time undergraduate majors:Chinese Language and Literature, Chinese Language and Literature (Secretary Science), Teaching Chinese to Speakers of other languages, as well as Film and Television Literature. The College has begun to recruit master degree candidate since 1986, and in 2005the College obtained the first-level discipline master's degree authorization of Chinese Language and Literature. Then, its eight second-level disciplines began to recruit students. Besides, it also recruited students of Subject Teaching (Chinese) and MTCSOL at the same time. At present, the College has more than 350 graduate students, more than 2000 full-time undergraduates, about 500 students of adult educationand overseas students. The College has formed a running system with multiple specialties and academic degrees; it has cultivated a large number of excellent teachers and professional talents for the society.  

In recent years, the College has hosted and completed more than 10 national socialscience fund projects, more than 60 international exchanges and provincial-level projects. The scientific research funds almost reached 6 million RMB, and it has published more than 70 academic monographs, 15 teaching materials, and more than 1500 academic papers on the important Chinese journals. It also obtained close to 40various provincial prizes.  

The Colleges has conducted frequent foreign academic exchanges, hosted a lot of domestic and international academic conferences, actively assigned and accepted visiting personnel at home and abroad, and been keeping contact with universities and scientific research institutions from Japan, Korea,Indonesia, the Philippines, Russia, Britain, France, and America etc, as well as Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Through these, the college succeeded to build professional exchange platforms and to carry out extensive cooperation in the aspects of academic research and talent cultivation among others.  

What is more, the college has cooperated with YUNTECH of Taiwan and other universities to promote and hold Graduate Student Academic Seminar on Both Sides, which has been held regularly in Chongqing and Taiwan for many years. Now a good cooperation mechanism has been formed, and has generated great social impact.

At present, all the faculty of the College are actively engaged in the teaching and scientific research, dedicating themselves to the talent cultivation and making arduous efforts to create a high-level secondary school which is based on the West Part, facing the whole country, and exploiting overseas.



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