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The College of Foreign Languages and Literature
2016-01-07 15:56  

The School of Foreign Languages and Literature, Chongqing Normal University whole-heartedly dedicates itself to professional teacher education of English in the western part of China. The college putsmuch emphasis on teaching and promoting curriculum reforms. The collegehas nurturednumerous educators and professionals in English since it was founded in 1972 as a department of Chongqing Junior Teachers College. In 2011, the discipline of Foreign Languages and Literature which is composed of two key university-level master degree programs English Language and Literature, Linguistics and Applied Linguistics was selected as the key discipline to be constructed in the Twelfth Five Year Plan of Chongqing.  


Up to now, we have 131 full-time faculty members with diverse academic background, including 9 professors, 24 associate professors and 78 lecturers, among whom 12 members hold a doctoral degree, 7 are Ph.D. candidates, and 24 members are MA supervisors. Several of the professors are selected as the Member of Talents Plan of Chongqing, 322 Key Talents Plan of Chongqing, Junior Talents Plan of Chongqing, or Experts of Chongqing Social Science list.

Academic Programs

The college consists of English department, Japanese department, Division of graduates, Division of college English teaching and Center for exchange and training. The college provides master and undergraduate degrees, postgraduate diploma, certificates and a range of in-service programs to pre-service students and in-service teachers. Currently, the college has six research teams: English Language and Literature, British and American Literature, English Teaching Theory and Practice, Translation and Culture, Japanese Language and Literature, Studies on Eastern Africa. In total, the college attracts an enrollment of nearly 2000 students. According to China University Ranking in 2010, the English program for undergraduate ranks 63. The Foreign Language and Literature program for graduates ranks 38 (ranking the 5th in western part of China) according to the Report of Evaluation for Graduate Education in China (2005-2006).


The college conducts diverse researches dedicated to language teaching and learning. The college has quite a few teaching quality projects at the university and provincial levels: one provincial teaching team and one school-level teaching team, two university-level special majors, two university-level quality curricula for undergraduates and one university-level quality curriculum for graduates, five university-based research centers and 15 regional training bases for English teaching and research.

The college has made significant achievements in research. At present, our faculty is undertaking two projects funded by the National Funds of Social Sciences, three projects by the Ministry of Education, one by the Degree and Graduate Students Education Committee of China and eight provincial projects. The faculty has put out dozens of research works, textbooks, and hundreds of research papers. It is particularly noteworthy that in the past five years, over 30 papers published by the faculty have been indexed in CSSCI.

Cooperation and Exchange

To promote exchange and cooperation, the college has established relationships with universities in Japan, USA, UK, etc. as well as sister universities at home. The college invites famous scholars home and abroad to give lectures, some of whom have been appointed as guest professors. The college faculty is also invited as keynote speakers or speakers to give lectures at national and international conferences. The college regularly sends our faculty members abroad for training, lecturing or attending international conferences. The college has hosted a number of national conferences in translation, linguistics, and so on. The college will start to host international conference in stylistics in 2014.


The College of Foreign Languages and Literature aims to be a leading base on nurturing educators and professionals in English who are socially responsible, intellectually active, professionally capable, creating asustainable impact and defining the educational landscape not only for the western part of China but also the whole nation.  



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