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College of Physical Education and Health Science
2018-10-16 11:06  

The College of Physical Education and Health Sciences of Chongqing Normal University is developed from the teaching and research office and the Department of Physics. In 1993, the University was approved to enroll full-time students for its Physical Education Program; in June 1999, the Department of Physical Education was founded and started to admit full-time students from all over the country for the Physical Education Program; in June 2006, the Department of Physical Education was renamed the College of Physical Education; in October 2017, it was further renamed the College of Physical Education and Health Science.


Currently, the College has 56 staff members, including 6 professors, 17 associate professors and 28 lecturers. Among the staff members, 4 teachers hold the doctor’s degree and 35 teachers hold the master’s degree. In addition, there are 6 master supervisors, 1 international sportsman, 4 national sportsmen, 17 national and first-class judges of track and field, ball, martial arts, aerobics, and dancesport games. The faculty is well-structured with members of different ages and professional titles, while young talents are developing favorably.  


The College has administrative offices (including a general office, a teaching and research office, a Youth League general branch and a student work office), teaching departments (including Department of Physical Education, Department of Sports Training, Department of Public Sports, and etc.), and 2 Party branches (of teaching staff and students) under the general Party branch.


The College has 9 standing sports teams, in which men’s and women’s track-and-field teams, men’s and women’s basketball teams are high-level sports teams and have achieved great performances in various sports competitions. The men’s and women’s track-and-field teams have won over 30 gold medals and set many new records in track-and-field events in sports competitions of either municipal or national level. In 2017, Du Peigen, a student from the College, won a gold medal in hammer-throwing event at the 13th National Student Sports Games of the People's Republic of China. Men’s and women’s basketball teams have won the championship in Chongqing College Student Basketball Competition for several times. In 2017, the men’s basketball team advanced to the Finals of Chinese University Basketball Association (CUBA). In the same year, the men’s tennis team, as a group, won the second place in the National Collegiate Tennis Championship. Liu Chengye and Lin Daomei, from the beach volleyball team, won three championships in the following three events: Chinese College Student Beach Volleyball Elite Competition, Chinese College Student Beach Volleyball Championship, and Chinese College Student Beach Volleyball Contest.


In the past 5 years, the College has developed more than 30 research projects of provincial and ministerial level or higher levels, including 5 projects supported by theNational Social Science Fund and 2 Humanities and Social Science Projects of Ministry of Education. It has also published over 80 research papers in core journals, as well as 10 treatises and textbooks.


The College attaches great importance to foreign academic exchanges. It has established long-term partnerships with domestic universities, research institutions and government departments at all levels. In recent years, the College has been working together with the Chongqing Municipal Sports Bureau in joint cultivation of students majored in sports training, actively sending its staff members to foreign and domestic universities for academic visits, andreceiving international students from Britain, Malaysia and other countries. Meanwhile, the College also maintains close contact with universities and research institutions in Britain, the United States, Canada and Taiwan,aiming to build a platform for academic exchange and competition.


Adhering to the motto of “Advocating Both Strength and Knowledge; Struggling Steadfastly for Absolute Perfection”,all the staff is fully devoted to teaching, research and talent cultivation, so as to make the College a high-level secondary college.



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