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College of Mathematical Sciences
2018-11-09 10:27  


The College of Mathematical Sciences, founded in 1954, offers4 undergraduate programs, 2 master programs of general disciplines and 9 master programs of subordinate disciplines. It has established and maintained some of the first featured specialties designated by the Ministry of Education and key disciplines included in “the 10th Five-year Plan”, “the 11th Five-year Plan” and “the “12th Five-year Plan”. In addition, it has key laboratories of ministerial, municipal and university levels, and a key humanities and social sciences base in Chongqing. It is a masters’ innovation base in Chongqing, a pilot innovation area of talent cultivation modes in Chongqing, and a pilot college of integrated specialty reform in Chongqing. It owns an off-campus practice base for science students, 2 innovation teams and 2 teaching teams of municipal, 2 featured specialties of municipal level, 2 featured discipline groups of municipal level, 1 academician station, 1 expert studio and 1 overseas talent introduction base of municipal level. Presently, The College of Mathematical Sciences is cooperating with Northern Arizona University in the USA in joint operation of a “1+2+1” double-degree undergraduate statisticsprogram; it is cooperating with Curtin University and the Federation University in Australia in joint operation of “2+2” or “2.5+2.5” double-degree undergraduate programs of mathematics and applied mathematics + Australian master program; it is also cooperating with the Federation University in Australia in joint operation of “1+2” doctoral programs.


Currently, the College of Mathematical Sciences has 86 staff members, including 7 doctoral supervisors, 28 professors, 32 associate professors, and 53 teachers holding doctor’s degree.


Among the staff members of the college, there is one candidate for the national “Hundred-Thousand-Ten Thousand Talents Program”, one national middle-aged or young expert with outstanding contribution, one winner of the Science and Technology Award for Chinese Youth, one Humboldt Research Fellow, two century talents as awarded by the Ministry of Education, four Bayu scholars being specially conferred the academic title of professor, one municipal middle-aged or young talent, one leading talent of the first one hundred academic and disciplinary leaders, one talent of the one hundred outstanding technology leaders, five provincial or ministerial level principal investigator in technology, and four experts receiving special allowance from the State Council. Besides, there is also a former vice chairman of Chinese Mathematical Society, a former vice chairman of Operations Research Society of China, a vice chairman of Systems Engineering Society of China, a vice chairman of Chinese Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, the chairman of Chongqing Operations Research Society, the chairman of Chongqing Mathematical Society, first-prize winners in the national young teachers’ lecturing contests, annual figures of national college and university counselors, top counselors of the CNU, top teachers of the CNU and so on.    


In the past 60 years, over 10,000 full-time undergraduates and junior school students, over 8,000 correspondence students, over 6,000 undergraduates and junior school students admitted through self-study examinations, and over 1,000 masters have graduated from the college. Among these graduates, there are many outstanding talents, including Academician Ma Zhiming – former councilor of Chinese Mathematical Society, working in all sectors.




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