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The College of Life Sciences
2016-01-07 15:35  

The College of Life Sciences was founded in 1956, which presently consists of three full-time undergraduate majors: Biology, Biotech, and Food Quality and Safety; possessing two first-level disciplines for Master's degree granting authorization in Biology and Ecology, and also offering Master degree in Biology Education and Agriculture Extension (Crop,Horticulture, Plant Protection, Animal Breeding, and Food Quality and Safety). Zoology and Ecology were ratified as key disciplines of Chongqing. Up to date, the college has cultivated more than 7,000 students including postgraduate, full-time undergraduate and junior college students.  

There are 66 staff members in total in the College of Life Sciences, among them, 47 have senior professional titles, and 18 have been conferred doctor degree and 14 have Master degree. There is one candidate for the State “Hundreds of Thousands of Talents” Project, one distinguished professor of the Par-Eu Scholars Program, one professor was entitled “BaYu Scholar” of Chongqing, five leaders of Chongqing Academic and Technology sector, four professors enjoyed the Special Government Allowances of the StateCouncil, one candidate for HundredTalents Program, three are honored back-up leaders of Chongqing Academic and Technology sector, and One Chongqing Outstanding Professional Technology Talent.  

The College possesses an Engineering Research Center for Bioactive Substance Biotechnology of Ministry of Education, Chongqing Engineering Research Center for Bioactive Substances, Chongqing Key Laboratory of Animal Biology, one supported by Program for Chongqing ExcellentTalents in University and two supported by Program for Chongqing Young Core Teachers in University, two Chongqing Creative Research Groups (Zoology and Plant Environment Adaptation Molecular Biology) in University, one Zoology teaching team, one Chongqing Characteristic Major and one Chongqing Demonstration CenterofExperimental TeachingCenterof Life of Science. The College was the executive directorunit of the Entomological Society of China and the Entomological Society of Chongqing.  

There are six major research fields, such as Special Economic Animal and their Pathogenic Microbiology, Insect Evolutionary and Molecular Biology,FishParasitology, ComparativePhysiology and Behavior, Biological Toxin and Carbohydrate Biochemistry. The College has undertaken dozens of projects including NIH, “863” National High Tech Research and Development Projects, as well as the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Academic achievements have been published in Science, Molecular Ecology, PLoS ONE, Heredity, Oecologia and other famous international journals.  

The College of Life of Sciences has established academic collaborations and intercommunications with many universities and institutes, such as Yale University, British Natural History Museum, Queen's University in Canada and Shinshu University in Japan.



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