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The Fine Arts College
2016-01-07 15:33  

The Fine Arts College of Chongqing Normal University is a professional college founded in the subject construction and further adjustment of specialty structure, whose task is to cultivate the art and design talents. The college can be traced back to  Advertising and Decorating specialty in 1993, which was changed to the Art and Design Department in 1997then was renamed as The Fine Arts College in 2003. There are nearly 100 staff in the college, including 7 professors, 23 associate professors, 6 with doctorates, and 11 Master's tutors. There are nearly 1700 full-time undergraduate students and more than 100 graduate students. The present undergraduate specialties and profession in the college are Painting major, Visual Communication Design major, Visual Communication Design major (Cameracature Orientation), Environmental Art Design major, Fashion Design major, Faculty of Product Plastic Design major, Industrial Design major, Costume Design and Engineering.The college has first-class disciplinemaster's degree authorization and two in-service master's degree authorizations for university’s Fine Art teachers and Secondary Vocational Schools’ Fine Arts teachers, forming the education system of graduate program, full-time undergraduate program and other junior college levels.  

The college focuses on talent training and emphasizes teaching reform. The course named Design Sketch which was designed by the Basic Key Curriculum Group won the Municipal Excellent Course Construction prize. The teaching results received the second prize of the Chongqing City Government Teaching Achievement. In the academic research, 2 were funded by international organization project, 4 projects construction approved by the Ministry of Education, 21 approved by provincial and ministerial level projects construction. In art creation and art design, many works of art and design have been displayed in the national, provincial and ministerial level exhibition, or have been collected by the National Gallery. Teachers and students published dozens of articles in the authoritative journals home and abroad. Many students’ works have obtained the gold, silver, bronze awards in the national competitions, and some of them were awarded Annual National Excellent Undergraduate.

In recent years, the College adheres to the concepts of “Humanities Academy, Academic Academy of Fine Arts, Creative Art, Sunshine, Beautiful Art Academy", creating art subjects with normal university characteristics, expanding cultural and arts development space. In order to cultivate art-talents for the western part of China and even the whole country, the college will strive hard to make the college a comprehensive and multi-dimensional Academy of Fine Arts with harmonious development in both teaching and researching.



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