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The College of History and Society
2016-01-07 15:29  

The College of History and Society in Chongqing Normal University could be traced back to 1954 when it was History Department and then gradually developed, and was renamed into the College of History and Society in 2009. There are 47 staff members all together, 38 of whom are full-time teachers, including 11 with PHD degree, 18 with Master degree. Among all the teachers are 12 professors and 15 associate professors. One teacher has gained the State Council government subsidies, one faculty is doctoral supervisor, and two are Chongqing academic and technology leader, with four back-up talents as well. The education background and structure of the team are quite reasonable, with teachers coming from Peking University, Beijing Normal University, Fudan University and other 10 more universities as well.

The disciplines in the College of History and Society currently include History (teacher-training), Cultural Heritage and Museology and Social Work. The College has First-level discipline of Master’s program in Archaeology, Second-level discipline of Master ’s program in Special history, Archaeology and Museology, Ancient History of China, Modern History of China, World History and History Education. The current enrollment is about 1000 undergraduates and100 post-graduate students.  

The College currently has 6 scientific research platforms, including the Three Gorges Culture and Social Development Research Institute (Humanities and Social Sciences Key research Base), Experimental Teaching Center of Archaeology and Museology(Co-construction with the Ministry of Finance), Archaeology Lab of Protection of Cultural Relics and Technology ( Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Chongqing), Social Work Laboratory (School Key Laboratory), Museum of Chongqing Normal University and Innovation Team of School Technology Archaeology. The College has two key subjects of Chongqing, which are Special History and Archaeology, and it also has history of China which is a university key subject in the “12th Five-Year Plan”.  

The College has fully reinforced teaching and research, which forms key research directions of Chinese intellectual Cultural History, Scientific Archaeology, History and Culture of Three Gorges Area, Community Social Work, Chongqing Local History, Rear area of the Anti-Japanese War, etc. The College has undertaken almost 100 research projects, including National Social Sciences Fund project, Humanities and Social Sciences key project funded by the Ministry of Education, Chongqing Social Science Research Project and Horizontal scientific research and Application Project and so forth. The faculty members have published dozens of books and over 100 research papers. In recent 10 years, their research projects brought 12 awards from the Ministry of Education to the Municipality of Chongqing.

In recent 10 years, leaders and scholars from the Department of Higher Education, the Department of international Exchange & Cooperation of Ministry of Education, State Cultural Relics Bureau, Ministry of Civil Affairs, and so forth, visited our college; experts from Peking University and other organizations were invited to give academic presentations more than one hundred times. The teachers and students actively seek academic collaboration with institutions at home and abroad. More than 20 teachers and students visited America, Britain, Korea, Italy, Mongolia, Vietnam, Japan and others for academic communication and exchange. More than seventy teachers and students participated in various academic conferences across the country.

The College also actively seeks academic collaboration with Siberia Education University of Russia, Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology of Chinese Academy of Sciences and other 20 organizations and corporations. The museum of the College keeps opening for free in a long-term. The College has been collaborating with Institute of Chongqing Cultural Heritage Research in participating in archaeological surveying and drawing, excavation and some other work.



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