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The School of Economics and Management
2016-01-07 15:26  

   In order to adapt to the reform of higher education and to meet the needs of local economy and social development, the former School of Management integrated some teachers from the former School of Mathematics and Computer Science, the former School of Politics and Society in June 2006, and was renamed as the School of Economics and Managementhereafter “SEM”.

The SEM has 2 first-level disciplines for Master degree granting (Management Science and EngineeringApplied Economics) and 12 second-level disciplines for Master degree granting (Management Science, Management Engineering, Political Economics, Regional Economics, Quantitative Economics, Labor Economics, Finance, Industrial Economics, National Economics, International Trade, Public Finance, National Defense Economics). It has Professional Degree Programs for Master of Business Administration, Master of Agricultural Extension (rural area and regional development, agricultural science and technology organizations and service), Master of Secondary Vocational School Teachers (Management Science and Engineeringwhich includes Finance Management and Human Resource Management, and Finance which includes Insurance). It has Regional Economic Research Center Institute, Management Science Research Center, Research Center of Chongqing Mountain Economy and Research Center of Rural Social Development and Rural Economic Management. It has one Municipal Key Discipline: Applied Economics, One University Key Construction Discipline: Management Science and Engineering, One University Key Humanity and Social Science Base, One University Social and Economic Coordinated Development in Urban and Rural Areas. It has one Municipal Quality Course: Finance and Human Resource Management, one Municipal Bilingual Teaching Demonstration Course International Marketing. The SEM offers 6 undergraduate programs: Business Administration, Economics, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Finance Management, and Finance Engineering. The SEM has 1500 undergraduate students, 97 postgraduate students64 Masters of Business Administration, 83 Masters of Secondary Vocational School Teachers, 313 Masters of Agricultural Extension.

The SEM has a strong faculty team of 74 staffs, of whom 65 are full-time teachers, including 11 professors, 27 associate professors, 1 doctoral supervisor, 27 master supervisors, 2 Academic Leaders in Chongqing city, 1 First and Second Layer Candidate of “322” Key Talent Project, 3 excellent young and middle-aged backbone teachers of universities in Chongqing city1 receiver of special allowance from the State Council, 1 national excellent teacher,1 national model teacher, 26 with doctorates,15 doctorate candidates27 masters.

   Adhering to the motto of “strive for knowledge, strive for use, strive for foresight”, the SEM insists on continuously strengthening disciplines construction, specialty construction, teaching staff construction, teaching and science researching, talent training, and makes great efforts to cultivate comprehensive talents who are as canny as economists, as sagacious as managerialists, as far-sighted as strategists, as speculative as philosophers and as passionate as orators.



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