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The School of Education
2016-01-07 15:24  

The School of Education is the largest school of Chongqing Normal University. The number of teaching and administrative staff is 126, among whom 101 teachers (including 14 professors, 8 part-time professors, 42 associate professors), 30 teachers with doctor degrees, 6 teachers who are academic leaders or candidates with municipal level, 2 part-time doctor tutors and 2 holders of the special allowance from state council.

The School of Education has one first-rank disciplinary master degree program, offering pedagogic principle, curriculum theory and didactics, special education, preschool education, comparative education, higher education, educational history, developmental and educational psychology second-rank disciplinary master degree program, and elementary education, preschool education, special education, management education, master program of school mental health education. There are 3 municipal key disciplines(education, curriculum theory and didactics and special education), and 3 municipal level research platforms, bases of curriculum and teaching research, key laboratory of special children psychology diagnosis and educational technology of Chongqing, research center of children development and teacher education of Chongqing.

In the School of Education, there are over 2600 full-time undergraduate students and 6 undergraduate programs, such as pedagogy, preschool education, art education, special education, educational technology, and applied psychology, also including 2 special programs, preschool education and early childhood development (vocational high school).Our students won two golden prizes in the competition of"Challenge Cup" in Chongqing finals, and a bronze award in the national semifinal.  

The School of Education develops the extensive cooperation and communication with many universities all over the world. As the under-secretary-general institution of branch of preschool teachers education from teachers education commission throughout the nation, the college established wide working relationship with worldwide preschool educational system. For example, we established the long-term scholar contact with national and foreign universities, such as Harvard University, Kansas University, Indiana University, University of Victoria, Uppsala University, etc. We joined international PEN project and signed a formal contract with PEN-international project, which contributes to becoming the only cooperation college in western China. We also participated in the Pacific Rim Special Education Study Center and Global Barrier-free Coalition.  



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