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College of Journalism and Media Communication
2018-11-08 16:54  


The College of Journalism and Media Communication of Chongqing Normal University is characterized by high interdisciplinary integration of technology, art and humanities. Through over 30 years’ accumulation in media communication education, the college has formed a special talent-cultivating mode that targets at producing creators of high-quality works, is supported by the “three-stage and four-module” teaching system and features implementation of tutorial system, studio system and project system.

Currently, the college has nearly 80 faculty members and 1,700 in-college students. It offers 6 undergraduate programs (i.e. journalism, radio and television editor, network and new media, digital media art, photography and film, and television production), and has the authorization to confer master’s degree in 4 programs (arts and media, radio and television, journalism and communication, and vocational and technical education (culture and arts)).

Starting to offer higher education on photography in 1985, the college is one of the earliest colleges in southwest China engaged in higher education on movie and television media. In 2011, the college had the first new media college in China established to deepen its cooperation with enterprises. In 2014, the college cooperated with the Publicity Department of the CPC Chongqing Committee and founded Chongqing Journalism college for further development of the college, forming a three-in-one (college of Journalism and Media Communication, Chongqing Journalism college and New Media College) all-media schooling pattern.

The college has sound schooling conditions: an over 2,000m2 municipal teaching demonstration center-Experimental Teaching Center of Digital Video Production equipped with advanced equipment worth over 20 million yuan; it also has 5 platforms: a municipal cultural media and mass innovation space, a national training base in Chongqing for media literacy cultivation of leaders and cadres, a micro film research and development center, a collaborative innovation center and a media literacy research institute. Through these platforms, teachers and students of thecollege have made great achievements and won domestic and international awards.

The college has its distinct features in talent cultivation and pays close attention to future adaptability of students to corresponding industries. It has employed many industry experts as part-time teachers. In addition, it persists in holding “Lectures of Chongqing Journalism college”, having invited famous hosts, such as Jing Yidan, Bai Yansong and Yang Lan, and Gu Yonghua-former Secretary of the Secretariat of All-China Journalist Association and other experts to give lectures. Additionally, the college attaches great importance to foreign cooperation and exchanges. It has signed cooperation agreements with Communication University of China, New York Film Academy and other famous colleges. Based on media technologies and featuring the integration of news and film and television arts, the college has trained many application-oriented talents with good attainments in humanities, profound knowledge, professional skills and good ability in internet-based high-quality video production and originality for employers in and out of Chongqing.




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