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The Media College
2016-01-07 15:00  

The Media College

The Media College (New Media College) is a comprehensive college integrating technology, liberal arts and arts. There are now 60 full-time teachers and more than 1600 studentsincluding 26  students in masters programin the Media College of Chongqing Normal University. The Master degree programs of the college consists of the ‘art and media’ major and the ‘art (television and media)’ major. It also contains 7 undergraduate majors, which are Photographic, Journalism, film and television production, Broadcasting and Television Director, Broadcasting and Television Director (on-camera correspondent) and Digital Media Technology, Digital Media Art.

 The college originates from the Photographic major founded in 1985, and changed into the Department of Image Engineering in 1995, then renamed into Photographic in 2000. In 2004, the Photographic major was divided into two parts, including Advertising Photography and Film and Television Production. The Advertising Photography recruited the arts students, and the Film and Television Production insisted on recruiting students by university entrance examination.

The Journalism major was founded in 1997, and migrated from the College of Literature and Journalism to the Media College. The major of Broadcasting and Television Director were founded in 2006, and recruited the arts students in 2007. The major of Digital Media Technology recruited students in 2010. In the year of 2011, we established a friendly long-termed cooperated relationship with Beijing Shijian Suipian New Media Co.Ltd, and we founded the New Media College together.  

Moreover, there is an Experimental Teaching Center of Digital Video Production which has been awarded as Municipal Experimental Teaching Center in the Media College. The centre contains 10 laboratories, such as Photo Studio, Studio of Nonlinear Editing and Record Studio. There are camera equipments of High Definition, post-production equipments and 53 cameras which totally valued 12 million RMB in the centre.

The film the Singer created by the Media College won the organizing committee special award in Beijing student film festival. The short drama Rice Harvest was selected in Clermont-Ferrand international short film festival in France. The staff of the Media College also took part in the co-production of digital high-definition movies Aromaand Graduationwhich have been shown in CCTV-6.A lot of other works produced by students have been awarded in China and overseas.  



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