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The Vocational Education and Training Center
2016-01-07 14:57  

The Vocational Education and Training Center is one of the Troika (General Education, Vocational Education, and International Education of Chinese Language and Culture) in CNU. In 2000, CNU had been approved by the Ministry of Education to become the national VET Teachers Training Center, which was the only one founded in an Independent system and was the first one in Chongqing. In 2004, the center was identified as the Chongqing Higher Vocational Education Teacher Training Center by the Chongqing Municipal Education Commission. In 2007, based on the center, Vocational Teachers College of Chongqing Normal University was established. In 2010, Chongqing Vocational Education Teacher Training Group was firstly established by the center in China. In 2011, the center was approved by the government as China - German Cooperation (Chongqing) demonstration base of vocational education (There are only two bases in China, another one is in Tongji University). In 2012, the center set up a China - German (Chongqing) Vocational Research Institute. In 2013, the center was approved by Chongqing Municipal Education Commission to set up a Chongqing Vocational Education Collaborative Innovation Center. After ten years of construction and development, the center has more than 120 full-time and part-time teachers.A distinctive and influential national key VET center has been set up, which contributes to cultivating vocational faculty, training, teaching research and management.  

Since the establishment of the center, it has witnessed rapid development in vocational education teacher training. In 1999, it began to recruitTourism Management and Electronic Information Science and Technology Undergraduate, which was for two professional pre-service vocational teachers, and more than 1,100 students had been trained. In 2002, it began to recruit in-service vocational school teachers for master degree; all current enrollments are 1246, which the scale of three- year enrollment is the first in our country. In 2011, the center was approved to offer full-time Master degree of Vocational Education Over the past 10 years, it has trained more than 6900 of all kinds of vocational teachers, including 266 vocational school principals, 1129 national vocational school teachers, 2550 "double type" teachers and municipal vocational teachers; it has also trained more than 1000 teachers for Guangdong, Guangxi, Hebei, Tibet, Guizhou and other areas. With cooperating with Australia, Germany, Canada and other countries, the center has implemented "China - Australia (Chongqing) Vocational Education and training Project", "China-German vocational teacher professional development and management of tourism projects" and " China - Canadian migrant workers occupational health and safety programs", and about 2,000 teachers were trained.  

During the training for vocational teachers, the center has been developing vocational education research. Totally, the center has undertaken 4 national research projects, 18 scientific research projects; 15 scientific research projects, and 19publication of monographs and teaching books; published 55 academic papers; 26 policy advisory reports, 4 keynote speeches on international conference, 9 keynote speeches on national vocational education conference. Among the research achievements, the center got a second-class of National levelaward once and first prize of Chongqing municipal award twice; "Chongqing Vocational Education Ordinance (experts recommend draft)" and other policy advisory reports were adopted by the Government.  



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