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Beibei Campus of Chongqing Normal University(College of Elementary Education and College of Applied Technology)
2016-01-06 16:06  

Beibei Campus of Chongqing Normal University (CQNU) is situated in the new area of northern Beibei District, Chongqing Municipality, China. With a long history, Beibei Campus, including College of Elementary Education and College of Applied Technology, is the important training base for primary school teachers and talents of applied technology in Chongqing,

Covering an area of 170 acres, Beibei Campus has one primary school and one kindergarten respectively, 158 staff in-service, 2094 college students in full-time programs, and 1200 adult and self-taught students.  

With a 107-year history of training primary school teachers, College of Elementary Education, originally being named East Sichuan Normal School which was founded in 1906, was incorporated into Chongqing Normal University in 2003. Orienting elementary education, the college which has formed a complete system of elementary school teacher education has majors in Elementary Education (Chinese, mathematics and English), Musicology (elementary education), Art Education (elementary school art), and Art Education (calligraphy), etc.. To meet the needs of national rural elementary education, it opened the major of elementary education (general teacher) in 2013. Adhering to the schooling philosophy of “tamping foundation, expanding quality, comprehensively training, developing expertise and serving primary schools”, the college aims to train high-quality primary school teachers with “comprehensive development, five abilities and one specialty”. It has gradually established a training system with the basis of quality education and the core of innovative consciousness and practical ability. The college has organized and implemented the teacher trainings of different-level elementary schools. Since 2010, it has successfully applied for 16 “Midwest Teachers National Training” projects under the Ministry of Education, including elementary Chinese,elementary mathematics, elementary English, elementary science, elementary art, and secondary integrated practice. In recent years, college students and teachers have been sent to carry out Chinese language teaching in Indonesia, the United Kingdom and the United States, and to develop cultural exchanges in South America and Europe, which enhances the college’s influence throughout the world. More than one century, with “comprehensive development, five abilities and one specialty”, students graduated from the college have become the backbone of China’s elementary education, occupying 70% of principals, vice principals, teachers of National Special Grade, National Outstanding Teachers in Chongqing primary schools.    

Founded in 2010, College of Applied Technology currently offers 7 social much-needed majors in Jewelry Design (the program initially opened in colleges of the southwest China), Interior Design (4-year), Advertising Design and Production, Animation Design and Production, Software Technology, and Tourism (3-year). Taking school-enterprise cooperation, relying on industries, and serving companies, the college is committed to train high-quality application-oriented talents with a strong theoretical foundation and practical ability.

Beibei Campus attaches importance to teaching reform and quality construction. In recent years, it has undertaken a number of National Social Sciences Fund projects and National Natural Sciences Fund projects, edited 10 textbooks, and published 91 academic articles. The campus has Chongqing Child Development and Teacher Education Research Center, Chongqing Social Sciences Popularization Base and other research platforms.

Nearly two years, students of Beibei Campus have won a number of prizes, such as 2 Special Prize of Chinese Lesson Presentation Contest of National Elementary Education, 2 First Prize and 4 Second Prize of “Children's Poetry and Painting” Contest, 1 First Prize and 2 Second Prize of Calligraphy Contest, 1 First Prize of Chongqing Social Science Speech Competition, First Prize of Teachers and Students’ Calligraphy and Painting Contest in the fourteenth and fifteenth sessions. They are widely welcomed and praised.  

Facing the needs of new development, Beibei Campus, which characterized elementary school teacher education, will develop applied technology education actively. With an adequate scale, reasonable structure and distinctive features, it will build the influential training base for elementary school teachers and talents of applied technology in Chongqing. The competitiveness of the college will be in the forefront of the west China.



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