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College of Primary Education
2018-11-07 22:31  


The College of Primary Education, Chongqing Normal University (formerly East Sichuan Normal College, Sichuan Provincial Second Women's Normal College, Chongqing Normal College and Chongqing First Normal College) is located in Chengbei New Area of Beibei District, one of the three campuses of CNU, and has a schooling history of 112 years, if counted from its first predecessor, East Sichuan Normal College that was founded in 1906. In September 2003, Chongqing First Normal College was incorporated into Chongqing Normal University, hence renamed the College of Primary Education, Chongqing Normal University.

The college covers an area of 170 mu. It has 129 in-service staff members, including 101 full-time teachers, 4 professors, 31 associate professors, 4 master supervisors and 17doctors. Presently it has more than 2,400 full-time undergraduate students and master candidates. There is a primary school and a kindergarten affiliated to the college.Undergraduate programs offered by the college include Primary Education(Chinese, Mathematics, English), Primary Education (General Teacher), Science Education,Calligraphy, Musicology (primary school teacher), and Art (primary schoolteacher). In addition, it also offers master programs in Science Education, and Science & Technology Education. A complete primary education teacher training system is being gradually formed.

Following the schooling philosophy of “inheriting the hundred-year tradition, refining the education characteristics, cultivating innovative talents and serving primary education", the college takes “cultivating highly-qualified primary school teachers with all-around development and specific specialties” as the goal, and requires the normal college students to be equipped with “Five-plus-Fiveskills” and “Ten Abilities”. In July 2013, the college began to enroll the first batch of students in Chongqing for the primary education (general teacher) program, for provision of high-quality primary school teachers torural primary schools in Chongqing. It has cooperated with education commissions of 19 districts and counties, including Fuling and Changshou, in joint establishment of the first “UGIS” primary education general teachers training alliance, and has established 35 education practice bases in Chongqingto explore a primary school teachers training mode. Graduates from the college are generally welcomed by employers and the employment rate is maintained at over 90%.

In its over one hundred years’ history, the college has developed a large number of outstanding talents for primary education, including Cao Jin, a “national excellent teacher”, Pei Dina, a doctoral supervisor of Beijing Normal University, and 70% of headmasters, assistant headmasters or special-class teachers in downtown high-quality colleges such as Chongqing Bashu Primary School, Renmin Primary School,Shuren Primary School, Nankai Primary School.

In the context of the new situation, the college emphasizes development based on culture. Established in Chongqing to serving the western region, the college implements the innovative mode of talentcultivation for primary school education, and has the Children’s Development and Teachers’ Education Research Center as a scientific research innovation platform to realize people-oriented reform and innovation, as well as coordinated development of primary school education, general practice educationand science education, having formed its own features, brand and excellence. It is making efforts to become a reasonably structured and distinctively featured primary school teachers training base that is leading in the city, ranking among the top in the western region and significantly influential in the country.




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