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The Office for the Administration of International Chinese Culture & Education (OAICCE)
2016-01-06 16:03  

The OAICCE consists of four parts: Office of the National Teaching Training Base for International Promotion of Chinese (Chongqing) (ONTTBIPC), Office of the National Base for Overseas Chinese Language and Culture Education (ONBOCLCE), International College of Chinese Language and Culture (ICCLC), and Office for the Management of the Confucius Institutes (OMCI).

The ONTTBIPC functions as assuming training missions of teachers from Hanban, completing the organization, check and dispatch of teachers and volunteers from the universities in Chongqing to teach Chinese overseas.Directed by national strategy, the ONTTBIPC aims at constructing cradles for both government-sponsoredand localized Chinese language teachers, creating the centre in western China serving for selecting, training and dispatching the volunteers. In addition, its tasks are involved in exploration of another channel about academic credential education and non-academic credential education of international Chinese language education, track of national policies, and arrangement of national & regional studies worldwide.  

Supported by the policy of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, the ONBOCLCE focuses on the exploration of overseas Chinese education market, winning over of all kinds of projects, undertaking teachers training of Chinese from the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and being qualified to accept tasks including Chinese Culture Show OverseasSeeking Root activities for overseas Chinese youth camp in Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter, trying to initiate new horizon of overseas Chinese education.

The ICCLC is mainly responsible for Chinese teaching for foreign students. Immersed in the schooling notion that environment and culture cultivate man, and teaching quality is core competitiveness, the priority work put into is improving teaching effect. Namely, in order to create the training center as a teaching platform of exchanges and cooperation home and abroad, the task of it is within scopes from arrangement of teachers to receive refresher learning or further training, expand academic seminars to improvement of teaching conditions as well.  

The OMCI mainly undertakes the liaison with the Hanban / Confucius Institute Headquarters, construction management and such work as selection of personnel for Confucius Institutes of Chongqing Normal University. Adhering to the policy of “both inside and outside, to parallel development”, the target of its work is to consolidate the established Confucius Institutes and overseas Teachers College (Chinese), to strive to seek foreign partners, and to obtain supports from government, to open another new Confucius Institute, attempting to make the “CNU dream of Confucius Institute” come true,which can cover across five continents and four oceans.  




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