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Application Procedures for international students
2015-10-15 16:10  


1. Applicants outside of        China   shall contact the International Students Office, at        Chongqing      Normal      University   or visit http://international.cqnu.edu.cn to download and fill in AdmissionApplication Form in         Chongqing         Normal         University     .  


2. Health Examination:completed Physical Examination Form for Foreigners (available at http://international.cqnu.edu.cn)together with the original copy (lab copy of AIDS, sexually transmitteddiseases, type B Hepatitis and X-ray) of the health examination from hospitalswith red stamp.    


3. Diploma and transcripts of the most advanced studies.  


4.Applicants shall post all the applicationdocuments and registration fee RMB 320 to the International Students Office ofCNU. (Application Form for Admission can be sent by e-mail.) After approval ofall the documents, the International Students Office will send Admission Noticeand Visa Application Form to the applicants, with which the applicants shall goto the Chinese embassy or consulate for an X Visa (students’ Visa).


5.Applicants shall come to the International Students Office of CNU for registering on therequired date and hand in all the necessary documents for admission. Thedocuments needed are Admission Notice,Passport, JW202 Form, Physical Examination Record for Foreigners,4 one-inch passport pictures. All tuition fees must be paid before the semesterbegins.







International Students Office       


Add:  University Town, Daxuecheng ,             Chongqing       ,401331 P. R. China      


Tel.:0086-23-6531 79366536 2300, 6591 0095

Fax:  6536 2300      


Email: cqnuws@fox.cominteroff@cqnu.edu.cn


Website: http://international.cqnu.edu.cn      










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Add: International Office of Chongqing Normal University, University Town, Shapingba District, Chongqing, P. R. China,
Post code: 401331
Tel.: 0086-023-6536 2300 / 0086-023-6531 7936,
Fax: 0086-023-6536 2300 / 0086-23-6531 7936,
Email: interoff@cqnu.edu.cn / cqnuws@foxmail.com