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Confucius Institute Scholarship of Chongqing Normal University, 2015
2015-10-15 15:52  

ConfuciusInstitute Scholarship of Chongqing Normal University, 2015

For the purpose of supporting thedevelopment of Confucius Institutes, facilitating international promotion ofChinese language and dissemination of Chinese culture, as well as cultivatingqualified Chinese-language teachers and excellent Chinese-language learners,Confucius Institute Headquarters (hereinafter referred to as Hanban) launches a“Confucius Institute Scholarship” program to sponsor foreign students, scholarsand Chinese language teachers to study at Chongqing Normal University.

Application deadline: 10 May, 2015

I.   Category of Scholarship andEligibility Criteria

The scholarship of 2015 isdivided into 2 categories:

Scholarship forOne-Academic-Year Students

Scholarship for One-SemesterStudents


Applicants shall be non-Chinese citizensin good health, aged between 18 and 55.

1.Scholarship for One-AcademicYear Students

The scholarship is oriented at outstandingstudents of Confucius Institutes (Classrooms), overseas local Chinese languageteachers, winners of the “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competitions forForeign College Students and for Foreign High School Students, excellentforeign college students majored in Chinese, outstanding performers on the HSK,and those who intend to become Chinese teachers. The scholarship winner maychoose to study in majors including Chinese Language and Literature, ChineseHistory and Chinese Philosophy.The time of entrance is autumn 2015 and the grant term is oneacademic year. The aim of One-Academic Year scholarship winner should reach theHSK 5 and HSKK (Middle level) after one year study.

Applicants should achieve a score of atleast 180 on the HSK (level 3) and at least 60 on the HSKK (primary level), or atleast 180 on the BCT (A) and t least 180 BCT (Oral).

2. Scholarship for One-Semester Students:

The scholarship is oriented at excellentstudents of Confucius Institutes (Classrooms), winners of the “Chinese Bridge”Chinese Proficiency Competitions for Foreign College Students and for ForeignHigh School Students, overseas local Chinese language teachers, excellentforeign college students majored in Chinese, and outstanding performers on theHSK. The scholarship winner may choose to study in majors including ChineseLanguage and Literature, Chinese History and Chinese Philosophy. The time ofentrance is autumn 2015 or spring 2016 and the grant term is one semester. Theaim of One-Academic Semester scholarship winner should reach the HSK 4 and HSKK(Middle level) after one semester study.


Applicants should achieve a score of atleast 120 on the HSK (level 2) and at least 40 on the HSKK (primary level), or atleast 100 on the BCT (A) and at least 120 BCT (Oral).


II.   Scholarship Coverage andCriteria

Scholarship winners are exempt fromtuition, accommodation fees, monthly living allowance, and comprehensiveinsurance for foreign students studying in China. Monthly living allowances areprovided at the following rates (CNY Yuan per month):

a.CNY2, 500 for One-Academic-YearStudents.

b.CNY2, 500 for One-Academic-SemesterStudents.


III.   Application Documents

Applicants should log onto the Scholarshipwebsite, fill out the “Confucius Institute Scholarship Application Form”, andattach the electronic files of the following materials:

1. Photocopy of passport photo page.

2. Photocopies of HSKHSKKscore reports, or BCTBCT(oral)score reports.

3. Notarizedhighest education diploma attainedscheduled graduation proof or official proof of student status.

4Two reference letters.

5Applicants under the age of 18 shallsubmit relevant legal documents of entrusted legal guardians in China.

6. Winners of thefinals of the “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competitions for ForeignCollege Students and for Foreign High School Students in China shall submit the certificate of scholarship. Winners of preliminary rounds of the “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competitions in their countries shall submit awardproof and a reference letter from the Chinese Embassy (or Consulate) in thecompetition area.

7. Chineselanguage teachers shall submit the proof of the length of time in teaching andweekly teaching hours provided by institutes they work for.


IV.  Recruitment Procedures

1.   From the issue date of theProcedures, applicants can log on to the Confucius Institute Scholarshipwebsite at http://cis.chinese.cn, set up an individual account, complete andsubmit the Confucius Institute Scholarship Application Form online. Thedeadline for online application is May 10, 2015.

2. ConfuciusInstitutes are entrusted by Hanban as the recommending institutions. Therecommending institutions shall examine the qualification and applicationmaterials of applicants, and submit the list of recommended applicants toHanban by May 20, 2015.

3. ChongqingNormal University is responsible for reviewing the qualification of applicantsand submitting the proposed enrollment name list of qualified candidates toHanban by May 31, 2015.

4Hanban will organize an expert panel tomake the final selection, and publish the name list of successful applicants onthe Scholarship website by June 15, 2015. Hanban will also inform ChongqingNormal University and the recommending institutions, and the recommendinginstitutions will inform the applicants.

5. ChongqingNormal University will post “Admission Letter”, “Enrollment Instructions”,“Visa Application Form for Foreigners to Study in China" (JW202 Form) andother related materials to successful applicants through their recommendinginstitutions by July 1, 2015.


V.Entrance and Annual Appraisal

1. The scholarship winners shall register at ChongqingNormal University before the set deadline . Scholarships will not be kept forthose who do not register on time without reasonable cause.

2.   Scholarshipswill be canceled for those who cannot pass the health examination.

VI. Contact Information

International Office of Chongqing Normal University
Contact: Ms. Xu Chiying, Ms. Dong Qing




Website: http://international.cqnu.edu.cn/ 

Add: No. 12, Tianchen Road, Shapingba District, Chongqing, 400047 P. R. China

Post code: 400047





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