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International Students Medical Insurance Outline
2015-12-16 11:25  

I nternational Students Medical Insurance Outline

In line with official policy set forth by the Ministry of Education of China, all international students who have registered in any institutions of higher education in mainland China are obligated to purchase “Group Medical Insurance”. The insurance coverage is as follow:

Outpatient (Emergency) Medical Treatment

1. Please carefully note that ONLY PUBLIC HOSPITALS are able to accept this insurance.When you need to see a doctor, please call 4008105119 EXT 1 (bilingual service available 24 hours a day) for medical consultation. The insurance company will provide appropriate services, such as illness consultations, treatment suggestions, and information about web-based hospitals, advanced payments, and insurance claims.  

2. The baseline for an insurance compensation claim is RMB 650. The costs beyond the RMB 650 deductible will be covered by the insurance company at 85%, provided the costs are considered reimbursable, necessary, and reasonable by the local social medical insurance departments. Please note that the daily limit for outpatient is RMB600.

3. Accumulative compensation shall not exceed RMB 20,000.

Medical Treatment for Accidental Injury

1. Only PUBLIC HOSPITALS are able to accept this insurance.

2. Medical costs will be totally covered by the insurance company, provided the costs are deemed reasonable.

3. Accumulative  compensation shall not exceed RMB 20,000.  

Treatment Requiring Hospitalization

1. Insurance coverage extends only to the common ward areas in PUBLIC HOSPITALS.

2. Advanced payment of medical expenses from the insurance company is available for hospitalization in the web-based hospitals listed in the attachment. It is very important to call Beijing Universal Medical Assistance via 4008105119 or 010-67185217 for confirmation before hospitalization. The Office for International Students’ Affairs (65317936) should also be informed of your hospitalization.

3. For hospitalization in public hospitals not included on the web-based list, all medical expenses should be paid by the insured first. Compensation claims can be made after hospital discharge.

4. Accumulative compensation shall not exceed RMB 400,000.

Insurance Claims Guideline

Documents for settlement of claims should be submitted to the International Students Office. The insurance company will verify the submitted documents and the claim amount considered as reasonable will be transferred to the bank account provided by the insured. For more information, please refer to www.lxbx.net. In case of discrepancy, the information released by the insurance company shall prevail. Please carefully note that the insurance company will not be responsible for insurance claims incurred in private hospitals.

The insured should provide the following documents for settlement of claims (original copy or photocopy):

A. Two copies of passport (photo page) and current visa or residence permit;

B. Two copies of personal bank account information, including the insured’s signature and telephone number and the name of bank branch at which the account was opened (as the sample attached);

C. Copy of medical records;

D. Original of invoice and receipt for medical treatments;

E. Detailed expenditure list for hospitalization and outpatient treatments;

F. Copy of medical diagnoses, examination report, laboratory test report, and hospital discharge summary;

G. Course and certificate of accident (in case of claims due to inpatient and outpatient medical treatments for accidental injury).






University-town Hospital of Chongqing Medical University


55 Daxuechengzhong Road, Shapingba District





Peoples Hospital of Shapingba District


44 New Xiaolongkan Street, Shapingba District





South-west Hospital


30 Gaotanyan street, Shapingba District




Xinqiao Hospital


Xinqiao Street, Shapingba District






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