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A Brief Introduction to Chongqing Normal University
2015-07-07 11:22  




Chongqing Normal University (hereafter as “CNU”), founded in 1954, is a full-time comprehensive institution of higher education under the leadership of Chongqing Municipal Government of P. R. China. CNU covers over 190 hectares (2800 mu) and is located in Shapingba District, the cultural and educational district of Chongqing. CNU is a higher education institution authorized to award Master’s and Bachelor’s degree with the approval of the Degree Awarding commission of the State Council, P. R. China. Currently, there are 17 colleges, 70 bachelor’s degree programs, 17 first-level discipline of authorized masters degree programs, 10 professional authorized master degree programs, authorized secondary vocational masters degree, authorized advanced teachers professional master degree of literature, science, economics, management, art, physical education, etc., forming an educational system which is able to train postgraduates, undergraduates, associates and overseas students. Currently, there are over 27,000 full time students and over 1700 teachers including more than 700 professors and associate professors.

CNU is entitled by the Ministry of EducationP.R. China to recruit overseas students. It was designated as one of the first Chinese Language Educational Centres by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council. And it was awarded the National Teaching Base for International Promotion of Chinese (Chongqing) by Confucius Institute Headquarters in 2012. The university, featured in teachers’ education, has developed into a higher education institution of multi-subjects involving science and liberal arts. A fairly complete teachers’ education system has been formed including pre-school education, primary school education, middle school education, higher education, continuing education, vocational and technical education, special education, and teachers training for Chinese language and culture education.

Grasping the tendency of educational globalization, CNU perseveres in the mode of “open university”. The university has successively established cooperation and exchange relationship with education institutions in over 20 countries such as UKUSA, Russia, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Japan, South Korea, Hungary, Malaysia and Indonesia. It has set up institutions such as Teachers College of Chinese Language and Confucius Institute in UK, USA, Sri Lanka and Rwanda.

CNU recruits more than 600 overseas students every year. It has set up Teachers College of Chinese Language in Indonesia and UK, and implemented the 2+2 education system. It has also founded Confucius Institutes in Rwanda, Sri Lanka and Britain. Students of CNU have successfully exchanged to Russia Voronezh Normal University, Japan Hiroshima Culture University and Japan Shinshu University several times. And CNU has successfully organized different Chinese culture winter/ summer camp for years, in which the number of overseas students amount to several thousands.

CNU attaches much importance to overseas students’ education and administration in a way of classified teaching and human-based management, insisting on classification teaching and humanization management. International Students Office enjoys much popularity with overseas students as their home in China, and gets the widely acclaimed by them. CNU provide international students a better integration of education, carrying out the convergence management and teaching. CNU took the lead in Chongqing to set up International College of Chinese Language and Culture, providing better education and administration for Chinese language training students. The collegeoffers favorable learning environment for overseas students as much as possible with small-sized classes and special tutoring.  

CNUwill actively promote the campus as the teaching-research normal universities of distinctive features, the front rank in western areas and be of great influence in China!  



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